Once in a great while something comes on the market that simply can't be discribed with just words alone.  We are speaking of the lastest Lakefront Estate to hit the market.  The property is amost 9 acres consisting of four parcels of land.  Once owned by the King Family (as in Kings Beach).

Currenty, the property has three homes all built in the early to mid 1990's with a forth building site should you need it.  Of couse it has an incredible dock with two 12,000 pound boat hoists and outdoor swimming pool and hot tub overlooking Lake Tahoe.

The most amazing thing about the place is the landscaping which is compared to none.  As you walk the property, you feel like you are in another world.

Where else can you find majistic pine trees, exotic plants, hand wood carvings, bouldered water features and thousands of bulbs with meandering streams.  Now you wouldn't necessarily think they would all fit, but they do.  By the way did I mention the 850 pound antique bankers pot bellied safe.  It seems, when the took down the origional home, no one could move the safe, so there it sits, right out in the open.

Paradise has a price, and in this case it is 47 million dollars.  Contact us for more details.

Chris & Patti Plastiras

Broker/Owners Lakeshore Realty,   Lakrea@aol.com  775-831-7000