Almost everyone has that room in the house or apartment that is small, cramped, cave-like and hard to work with.

Unfortunately, we can’t always renovate or change our homes to let more light in or open up the space. If you are renting and can’t alter the house, or if you simply don’t have the budget to take out a wall or add a skylight, there are some affordable interior design changes you can make to make your tiny dark space look lighter and more spacious.



Change Your Window Coverings

You might not be able to replace those tiny windows with big, bright panes, but you can swap out heavy drapes with sheer curtains or light blinds. Use roman shades to minimize the space that your window treatments take up and are easy to use to let natural light in the room. Semi-sheer or opaque window treatments will let light in all day, but still give you privacy. If you want to make your windows look bigger, you can use long sleek curtains that are either sheer or a lighter color.

Choose The Right Colors

Even if your room gets plenty of natural light, decorating a small space with dark or busy colors can still make it seem cramped and dim. Use pale or pastel colors such as mint, sky blue, lilac or ivory instead of white, which can be too stark. Mixing a palette of light colors will keep your room looking bright, but still give your decor dimension and contrast.

Choose Your Decor And Furniture Wisely

In a small space, less is more. Instead of a clunky sectional couch that takes up most of the room, choose a sleek modern sofa in a light color with glass or mirrored side tables to brighten up the space and make it look bigger. Don’t overdo it with the decor, either. Instead of shelves of knick-knacks or large sculptures and vases, use fresh natural elements like a bowl of apples or get some fresh-cut flowers delivered. Instead of hanging photos or paintings on the walls, hang large decorative mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space.

Bring In Your Own Lighting

Some rooms just don’t have access to a good natural light source. If all else fails, you can use lamps and other lighting options that brighten the space without being obtrusive. Fresh Home recommends recessed lighting or small pendant lights to add light to a dark ceiling without taking up space. Adding a tall stylish lamp to the corner of the room will also help brighten the space.

Clean Up The Yard

Ok, so this isn’t exactly an interior design tactic, but trimming back the trees and bushes around your yard is an easy fix that can let in a lot more natural light. In an article in the Erickson Tribune, real estate experts say that trimming back overgrown trees and possibly adding some flower beds or pots around windows and porches not only lets more light into your rooms, but makes your entire house look brighter and more welcoming.