As a past Fire Board Member of the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District, we lived by a simple but worthy thought.  "Do the right thing for the right reason".  The theory behind that is very simple but does not always make for the best of conclusions.  

Case in point, was the announcement from the district that propane and charcoal grills and most other outdoor cooking devices have been banned from the decks of multi-family dwellings.  In reality, that barbecue rule has been around since 1991.  The Fire Marshall, was just trying to his job.  O.K. so this won't go down as the most popular of ordinances to bring forth, but all kidding aside, we do live in an extreme fire danger zone.   

The problem is barbecueing in Tahoe is right up there with the right to vote and the right to bear arms.  You can't dictate common sense with ordinances.  Perhaps a better approach might be an education process by providing some suggestions when using your barbecue.  

The Fire Department doesn't have the time or money to enforce this ordinance.  I would suggest each condominium association decide how to enforce this ordinance if so inclined.