As summer rolls around, you may have dreams of lazy days with your kids at the neighborhood pool and going on bike rides to the local park. Your kids, on the other hand, may be fantasizing about spending time with their iPads and video games. To make sure your kids don’t spend their summer vacation staring at some sort of screen, it’s important to encourage them to get up and get out of the house. Consider the following ideas:

Look into Local Camps

During the spring, most schools start sending home flyers about day camps. As you go through your child’s backpack, be on the lookout for this info and encourage your kiddo to give at least one of them a try. You can also ask your child what type of camp he or she might like to attend with a buddy—and then seek out what options are available in your area. In addition to day camps that focus on sports like swimming and karate, there are also LEGO camps, art classes, and music workshops that are tailored for kids of varying ages. For kids who are reluctant to spend a lot of time away from home, assure them that it’s just a day-long camp that does not require sleeping away.

Buy a Slip ‘n Slide

Remember how much fun Slip 'n Slides were when you were a kid? Bring the summertime classic back to your own backyard and break out the hose! Kids of all ages will enjoy sliding around together, and even if they act too cool to participate at first, who can resist a good slide across the yard at least once?

Take a Hike

Instead of a brief walk around the neighborhood, up the ante a bit and schedule some hikes with your kids. As PopSugar notes, in addition to using up some of that endless kid energy, hikes are a terrific way to explore the local flora and fauna. To find kid-friendly trails, ask other parents who you know love hiking, or do some research online or through your local library. Then pack plenty of water bottles and snacks in a backpack and head out for your day adventure.

Protect your kids’ skin and eyes from the hot summer sun, by scheduling your excursion early in the day before the rays get too strong. Slather up with 30+ SPF sunscreen before you leave the house, and reapply every two to three hours as needed along the way. Make sure everyone wears a hat to protect their faces, and sunglasses to safeguard their eyes. Place extra water bottles, bug spray, tissues, and replacement lenses for your sunglasses in your backpack to be prepared for the unexpected.

Wash the Car or Wash the Dog

Grab that water hose again and team up to wash the car or the family dog. If you're cleaning the car, assign everyone a task. From spraying, scrubbing, toweling dry, to keeping the buckets full of soapy water, everything's more fun as a group! If it's bath time for your dog, make sure he or she is properly secured with a leash, and opt for flea and tick shampoo to ward of summer pests. Give Fido the works with lots of shampoo massages, hugs, and care, and watch with delight as he goes wild running around in excitement when it's all done.