‚ÄčIf you think your home needs an update, you're in good company. The U.S. Census Bureau recently produced an info graphic that puts home improvements costs into perspective. Some of the highlighted static include: Americans spent $359 billion on home improvements in a span of just three years—which breaks down to an individual median spending of $3,200. Well over half of homeowners who live in their homes made renovations, and one in four of those made energy-efficient updates. Kitchen remodel costs averaged $5,000 for individuals, while bathroom updates came in around $2,432.

Costs can quickly add up, but savvy homeowners know that many necessary improvements can be financed through their bank or their home equity line of credit.

Here is a sampling of the types of projects that may be easily financed:

Invest in a New Roof

Damage from weather, natural disasters, and wear and tear can put stress on your roof and compromise the overall structure and safety of your home. You know a new roof is a sound decision, but it doesn’t come cheap. According to Homewyse, a shingle roof replacement could cost as high as $11,000.

Homeowners with a good credit situation, however, may be able to finance a new, higher-quality roof with reasonable monthly terms. See if you qualify for financing, and invest in a quality roof with lifetime shingles for the added protection and peace of mind.

Empower Your Home

Give your home a green energy boost with solar panels. Many companies, like SolarCity, will install solar power systems at no cost, however, you pay them for the power it generates. This typically costs less that most homeowners' traditional electricity, and a solar lease package also offers system monitoring, repair, and insurance coverage at a reasonable monthly price. Solar panels can be installed on your roof, in your yard, or on an outbuilding such as a detached home office, garage, or other structure.

Make it a Smart home

Transforming your home into a smart home can be as complex as installing appliances that think for themselves and tell you when you're out of milk. It could also mean a self-monitoring thermostat like Nest, which can monitor pipes for leaks.

Fortunately, the price of many home automation systems is within a few hundred dollars to start. Many smart improvements can be purchased at major retailers like Home Depot with credit card that has project loan financing available.

Get a Lift Garage

Not every home has the space and requirement for a large garage, however, parking in your driveway can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle as it is exposed to inclement weather. Keep your driveway clear and maximize space at the same time with a lift garage, which stores your car below your driveway and out of sight. Some garage lift companies offer financing, or you can approach your bank about a loan or line of credit. With a lift garage, you’ll get a new space for your car without the upkeep of a garage.