​Your home is a sacred place for you and your family. Burglary can make you feel as though your house is not safe, or can leave you with the sense that your privacy has been violated. Here are some tips so you can keep your house secure.


Burglars don't want confrontation. They want in and out of your house before anyone has noticed anything is wrong. If they suspect someone is home, probably look elsewhere for an easier target. You can leave on lights in your house as a deterrent, but some may suspect you're out and watch the house before entering. A light timer can take care of this problem. Schedule lights to turn on and off throughout the day or night. This will keep burglars away, searching for a different target. Go high-tech with an Intermatic Timer. These will not only control the lights, but you can do it from a device when you're not home to change up your illumination schedule.

Place motion detection lights around your property. If burglars have no cover, they'll be discouraged. Motion detection lights lessen the places thieves can hide and gain entry to your home without being seen.

Security Cameras

 Over the years, Lorex has established itself as an industry powerhouse in terms of residential and commercial security hardware. Many security and home monitoring companies require pricey monthly subscriptions, Lorex security cameras, on the other hand, don't have such fees (despite their solid reputation). Their wireless cameras can be placed a good distance away from your digital recording device without a network of wires and can be extended even further with signal range detectors to achieve full coverage around your property. They shoot in color during daylight hours then switch to black and white automatically when night falls to achieve a better quality image in low light. As a way to save hard drive space, you can also program them to record footage only when the motion detector indicates movement. 

Smart Locks

Time is the most precious commodity, and with so much on your plate in terms of social, work and family obligations, you can't always pick up the kids from school, guitar lessons and soccer practice. With a smart lock, you can track who goes in and out of your home. This is handy when you work late and want to make sure your son or daughter is home safe.

August, Goji and Lockitron are all smart locks with similar features. Each has an app for your smartphone. A device is fitted on your dead bolt. Your smartphone connects with this device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. You can grant anyone with the app access to your home. When they use their smartphone for entry, you will be alerted on your phone who entered the house. Similarly, if the door is forced open you'll get an alert. They range in price from $99-$300, depending on the options they come with.