Thanks to advances in technology, most homes contain at least a few amazing electronic devices. From the massive flat screen TV in your living room to the alarm system, state-of-the-art computer and more, there are plenty of gadgets from which to choose.

While an incredible home entertainment system complete with surround sound and digital electronics that would impress Mr. Spock is great to have, there is a downside to all of this technology. The wires, remotes and sometimes even the devices themselves are less than attractive. In order to balance technology with interior style, check out these tips:

4K television plus plush chairs equals perfection

Televisions are always changing for the better; we’ve come a long way from the bulky black and white consoles our parents had. One of the newest technologies to come along is 4K. Ultra high-definition 4K televisions have 3,840 pixels across the screen and 2,160 pixels down the screen. In English, this means that these televisions boast twice the resolution of current 1080p HD televisions. If you plan on investing in a 4K television, expand your budget a bit and shop for some extra plush and comfy seating for your living room as well. Then, set up your new sofas and loveseats a reasonable distance away from the 4K television; this will allow you to experience the ultra HD shows. The new furniture will also help your family room to look as stylish and welcoming as it is high tech.

Store or hide your remotes

Between the television, DVD player, stereo system, DVR and video game systems, chances are good that you have at least half a dozen bulky remote controls in your living room. To organize them all, consider buying a universal remote that will run all of your electronic devices. For example, Amazon sells a Logitech touch screen remote that can control up to 15 devices—including your home heating system and lights. Another option is to store the remotes together so you can always find them; for example, buy a sturdy-yet-pretty glass square vase and store each remote upright. You can also attach Velcro to each one and store them underneath your coffee table; this way they are accessible but out of sight when not in use.

Hide and organize cords and cables

Your home office probably contains at least one computer—more if your whole family uses the space—a printer, scanner, monitors and keyboards. Unless you have invested in wireless options for each device, all of these electronics have unsightly cords running from them to the walls. To make this tangle of technology look better, Homedit offers a variety of clever ideas. For example, instead of trying to hide an exceptionally long cord, turn it into art by using large staples to transform the cord into patterns on your wall. You can also buy a pretty patterned cardboard storage box, cut some small holes in the ends, and store your power strip and cables inside and place it under your desk.

Surround your switches with art

If your home alarm system monitor, digital thermostat and assorted light switches are all on one wall, surround the less-than-lovely switches with so much art, no one will pay attention to them. Add a variety of framed photos to the wall in assorted sizes to create a gallery wall display. You can place them around the switches and those unsightly must-haves will blend into your art wall.