It is always with great pride that I take clients/buyers out to get an education on our area. Incline Village has so many nuances and elements it really does take a seasoned veteran to walk a buyer through each neighborhood explain what it holds in qualities and value and why.

The question of building usually comes up and by the time you go through TRPA and Washoe County, Stream Zone and environmental impacts they start to get the glazed look on there face and say....lets keep looking at homes. To build here is not for the faint of heart and it will probably come with the extra hassle of tearing down an existing home to build the dream home...and that will take some time and lots of money.

Another question I get is why are new construction prices so different??? What is the average price per square foot cost?? Not an easy one to answer but here are a few ideas on what impacts a building price. The lot value and location is obvious- a lot for $700,000 will motivate a builder to build the best quality home especially if excavation of the property is extensive and the fees for design, architecture and permits or compliances for the various agencies are completed. Our building season is short for new construction- foundations have from May 15 to Oct 15 to be in place and the rest of the build out completed throughout the year. SO...with that said you need to plan ahead to submit plans and get site assessments done before you move any dirt.

There are 4 homes going in on Tyner and each lot cost $415,000 and the cost of the construction will be lower because they are building 4 homes and with quantity comes discounts...It goes on and on and since I have built homes I can walk a client through the process of understanding.

Knowing the 15 different subdivisions is critical- you can rule out several areas on the first tour once you explain- traffic noise, school bus routes or access to Hwy 431 depending on the clients needs and usage.

One big rule of thumb is resale of the property and the investment value it will retain. I never want to sell a house and have to tell a client it was the wrong decision when they go to sell. I guess that is why so many agents at Lakeshore Realty have repeat clients who have bought and sold 3 or 5 homes using one agent.

Our agents have incredibly high standards of ethics and lawsuits are not part of our company culture. Making the sale is not the end result- having a client who is solid with their agent, their knowledge and ethics are what keep this a well respected and top office in the Village.

Give our office a call- you won't be disappointed with any agent- they are all seasoned veterans- WE DON"T HIRE NEW AGENTS- Our clients deserve experienced dependable agents who know the business not people just learning the business...You deserve the best--in real estate

"Experience Counts!"