New fire code was passed that will not allow wood to be stored on decks or next to a residence. They are also insisting on a fire proof blanket is used to cover wood…it hasn’t been invented yet…yes I’m serious here is the code number I am referring to.

I guess this will be tough to enforce? It is a good suggestion and will probably cause some more problems with TRPA regarding coverage to build a wood storage area for those of us with a wood burning fireplace or wood stove.


New construction  regulations one wood burning fireplace can be installed in a new home but no gas starters- back to the news paper and match worth it for a real fire! Alternative gas inserts are being opted for by most builders  With condominiums and pud’s you are not allowed to install wood burning fireplaces so those of you with a fireplace enjoy the ambiance  and get the chimney cleaned once a year for safety! There have been several condominium complexes red tagged (Washoe county building dept. stops owner usage) of fireplaces until they are rebuilt or replaces with gas devised due to the fire hazard they percent. Currently Mountain Shadow owners are required to make the improvement. Other complexes which had fires and required the change included Forest Pines and Third Creek.