Last year, more than 64 tons of a wide variety of materials requiring special disposal was processed through the Public Works Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) & Electronics Waste (E-Waste) site. 

This program provides a valuable service towards the protection of the Lake Tahoe environment by making it very easy for residents to properly dispose of common hazardous materials. Materials accepted fall into categories such as toxic, flammable or banned from landfill disposal; all materials that should never be placed out for standard garbage collection. ​The program accepts a wide range of materials from batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, home electronics and used computer items to fertilizers, paints, stains, pool chemicals and household cleaners. Many other communities offer some form of similar service, however this is the only program offered weekly for both HHW and E-Waste drop-off in the entire Northern Nevada and North Tahoe Sierra region. 
Most items are only accepted from Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents at no charge. A small fee is requested to offset costs for television recycling. The program does not accept materials generated by businesses. The drop-off hours of the collection service are staffed by the Public Works Waste Not Team. 
Once received at the site, materials are prepared and transported off-site by certified electronics and hazardous materials contractors. The material’s composition determines final disposal by recycling or incineration. Operational costs for the program are covered by franchise fees collected from solid waste services. An estimated 2,000 Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents used the service in 2014. The success of this program continues to grow dramatically. Five years ago, in 2009, the amount of special waste collected was 34 tons; in 2002, when the service launched, it was 9 tons. Keeping these materials out of the sewer system, forest, streams and lake provides long-term protection to the Lake Tahoe watershed with the ultimate reward of safeguarding our pristine drinking water supply. 

 For a full list of materials accepted visit: Some restrictions apply, please see flyer on website. 
 The HHW & E-Waste site is open weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3 to 5 pm, or by prearranged appointment with Waste Not (775-832-1284). Our location is 1220 Sweetwater Road. 
Proof of residency is required. Site is closed on holidays and during severe weather.