Our real estate market place in Incline Village, Crystal Bay is primarily divided into three types of property.  Residential (your single family home), Planned Unit Development (freestanding units) and Condominiums (party wall or shared wall units).

First the homes for 2007 VS 2006.  Number of units sold up 14%.  Median sales price up 4.8% to $1,187,500.

PUDs:  Number of units sole up 9.75%.  Median sales price up 29% due to the large number of Incline Creek Estates sales.  Incline Creek is a new project with sales in the $1,400,000 range.  Median sales price was $965,000.00

Condominiums:  Number of sales off 18%.  Interesting to note the median sales price went up 1.3% for the year to $585,000.00.