Inspection Process Upon Sale of Property

Inspection Process Upon Sale of Property

Inspection Process Upon Sale of Property


When Requesting IVGID to complete an onsite inspection for Incline Village real estate, what are they looking for?

We will inspect the property to see if any of the following devices are needed:

  • Backflow Devices;
  • Pressure Regulators;
  • Backwater Valves.

We will provide you with a written report for any devices which need to be installed.



Why does IVGID check if backflow devices need to be installed?

  • Nevada Administrative code NAC 445A.67185 to NAC 445A.67255 will explain in detail what IVGID must do to stay in compliance with this Nevada State Law.
  • The Washoe County Health Department requires every agency that supplies water to a community enforce Cross-Connection Control Program, commonly known as a Backflow Program.
  • IVGID Public Works Ordinances are in place to protect all citizens for the health and safety of the community.


When selling a house what type of common water system would require a backflow device to be installed?

The most common systems which need backflow devices are:

  • Lawn irrigation systems
  • Boiler or Solar heating systems
  • Fire Sprinkler systems



What does a Pressure Regulator do?
It protects the home from high water pressure which can cause damage to the property.


What does a Backwater valve do?
It protects the house from raw sewage. If the sewer system fails then raw sewage could flow out of the lowest plumbing fixture and discharge inside the house.

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