Central Incline Village

Central Subdivision: Full-time residents and vacation owners alike love this area for its location. The Central Incline Village Neighborhood has the highest concentration of condominium developments in North Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village real estate market. With the lack of new construction, this community has a lot of history and residents tend to know one another. In addition, property taxes are usually lower compared to the rest of Incline Village because of the units being built at a later time.

This area tends to be great for short and long term rentals because of its close proximity to town. This subdivision is great if you want a vacation home or if you are up here for only a month. Furthermore, this subdivision has a history of getting minimal amounts of snowfall compared to other areas. It is also a great place to walk your dogs to local shopping centers. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear the rushing waters of Incline Creek and Third Creek. If you are price conscious and location is important to you, these properties will fit the bill!

Central Incline Village
  • While it is a high-density area, its central location to “downtown” is a big draw for those who prefer to be close to town.
  • Walking distance to beaches, movie theater, shopping, restaurants, schools, post office, Recreation Center, and tennis complex.
  • Close by the Hyatt Regency, biking and hiking trails, disc golf course, skateboard park, churches, banks, post office, and library.
  • Many complexes in Central Incline Village are older, however, most have been renovated with new roofs, siding, and landscaping.
  • The area has maintained a fresh look without new construction and the higher property prices that come with it.